About Us

The aim of this website is to be the world’s most comprehensive resource for hard to find TVR paint.

We not only supply these colours in spray paint form and aerosols, but also in handy 14g touch-up sticks, for the repair of those unsightly stone chips. All of our TVR colours are produced from original formulations and come supplied in solvent basecoat only.

As there were so many colour alternatives available on a new TVR, not every colour is available. Wherever possible, we will supply the standard shade of colour for your car.

On each page we have listed the ICI paint codes alongside each colour and also the relevant TVR code where available.

To find the colour for your car, without knowing the correct name, simply type your paint code (e.g P422-xxxxx) into the search box at the top of the page. If we have it listed it will automatically take you to the correct order page.

As the list of colours is so large, adding all the available colours to this site is definitely work in progress.

If your colour is not currently listed, or you cannot find the correct paint code, then please Contact Us with your details and we will do our utmost to find a solution.

Alternatively, you can find the colour by selecting a colour group from the right hand menu or simply adding the name or ICI paint code into the search box at the top right hand corner of this website.

Whether you are a current owner of a TVR or just looking for a special TVR colour to paint your project in, we can help!

All the colours on this website are made to order, so please allow 7-10 working days for delivery.

For orders from outside of the UK mainland, please contact us to arrange a shipping quote BEFORE placing an online order.